Laser treatment for lipomas and lipomatosis

Lipoma is a benign tumor of the subcutaneous fat which is manifested by a lump under the skin that varies from several millimeters to several centimeters.Its can  be single or multiple location with a range almost all over the body, and when are spread over all (abdomen, chest, thighs, arms etc.) gets called lipomatoza.In normally, its evolution is toward a slow increase in size without serious complications, putting aesthetic problems (especially when very large or several). But sometimes it can become infected and become painful.

Treatment of classic lipoma or lipomas (lipomatosis) is surgical, carrying the incision with a length equal to the size of the lipoma, to be extract.The scars remaining after surgery are sometimes unsightly, even if performed by experienced surgeons and often occurs "hiperhealing" or keloid scarring, which come without the surgeon, leave some scars very unsightly, even now there are lots of treatments designed to prevent keloid  scar formation.

Currently, lipomas can be treated by  the most modern tratement- laser liposuction.

The advantage of laser liposuction in the treatment of lipomas is the fact that the scars that remain after treatment are up to 3 mm, are painless,frequently do not put sutures and requires no special care.

Local anesthesia with lidocaine is then dissolve or melt laser lipolytic lipoma, then, with a 2 mm cannula, attached to a vacuum cleaner, drain the fat melted lipomas.If in  a certain area there are multiple lipomas,than we can extract them through a single small incision.So,if you have 10 lipomas,there exist the possibility to extract them from ONE single small incision against 10 variable incisions.

The Grosu Dermatology Clinic   holds a  modern laser equipement for tratement of lipomas by laser liposuction  method.


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